Hello Children!

23rd March 2020

Hello Children!

I hope you are enjoying this time off school. I bet you can’t believe your luck! However, it is important you do your bit to help out at home, and try not to waste time.

So, on this page, there will be things to do, challenges to try and things to think about. Keep checking for what’s new, and let me know of any good ideas of your own.

Here’s the first challenge – a members and friends word search!

I’ve not included any surnames, just first names, and there are no doubles. If there is anyone you think, ‘Who’s that?’, then make sure you find out! Scan in and send me the finished word search and we’ll see who’s first, second and third.

Also, you might have seen the Lego challenge that’s going round the internet – I’ve included it below. If you try any of those models, be sure to take a photo and send it to me. Any good stuff will go in our online gallery here!

Finally, don’t neglect to check out the Joke of the Day at the bottom!

Have fun, be good, trust the Lord!


What was the Scottish cloakroom attendant called?
Angus McCoatup

Allan Huxtable aged 49

What was the Indian cloakroom attendant called?
Mahatma Coat

Allan Huxtable aged 49

What do you call a judge with no thumbs?
Justice Fingers

Allan Huxtable aged 49