COVID-19 Physical Meetings Risk Assessment

v2.1  06 Aug 2020

Government guidance has been reviewed

The FIEC briefing has also been reviewed

The government guidelines for cleaning have been consulted

We will take measures to control risk from Covid-19 virus spread by

  1. Providing information
  2. Controlling numbers
  3. Maintaining distancing
  4. Deal with specific cross-infection sources
  5. Assisting Track & Trace
  6. Cleaning & ventilation

1. Information:

  • We will provide information on the government guidelines and our rules at time of booking, at the entrance, and in the building.

2. Control of numbers:

  • We will effect a booking system and allow only those people to enter

3. Maintaining distancing:

  • We will confirm attendance booking once we have worked out if we can accommodate.
  • We will layout the seats prior to the meeting
  • We will allocate seating to keep groups separated by 2m or by screens.
  • We will space the preacher from the congregation by >2m.
  • We will have 1m+ mitigations for those staffing the audio room: seated not facing, use face coverings, open window.
  • We will manage the flow of people to maintain separation – groups entering and exiting separately
  • We will have people remaining in their places during the meeting (exception – toilet)
  • We will provide a steward to manage to movement of people (with jobs list/guidance)
  • We will inform parents that they must ensure their children follow the rules
  • We will not have creche facility

4. Specific cross-infection sources

  • We will minimise need to touch door handles by holding them open and/or have steward open them
  • We will provide hand washing facilities at the entrance and in the toilet; towels will be single use.
  • We will keep rooms not in public use out of bounds
  • We will not issue hymn books bibles or drinks
  • We will not sing
  • We will provide equipment for wiping down surfaces in the toilet
  • We will put chairs out of use for 72 hours before use by a different group, and place a notice on them to that effect
  • We will not celebrate the Lord’s Table (or until further review)
  • We will have one person handling any money in the offering box; we will clean non-paper items and quarantine paper items.
  • We will require use of face coverings (except for the preacher)

5. Assisting Track & Trace

  • We will request name & phone number of those attending

6. Cleaning & ventilation

  • We will wipe down seats and surfaces before and after the service – see Cleaning, below
  • Weather permitting, we will open the hall & toilet windows.


Sequence of events & action required:

In advance:

[Provide information – notice on website/booking form]

Attendance requested. Calculate seating possibilities & draw up a seating plan (including routes to toilets) to give 2m or screen separation. Confirm or refuse request. Aim to give preacher >2m distance to congregation as facing (current seating plan gives 3m). Face coverings are required, except for the preacher.

Select an ‘aware’ steward & issue with attendees list & seating plan. See jobs list below.

No entry signs on office, kitchen, RH toilet.

Open windows if possible (including toilet).


[Provide information – Sign on steps/entrance] [Sign in side hall (projected)]

Call in one group at a time. Request they wash hands. Steward operate doors & leaves open as long as possible (front door open until all arrived. Inner door left open). Record who has actually attended. Directed to seats.


Reminder not to sing & remain in place; Project hymn words. [Information provided]

Indicate to steward if need toilet – Steward checks route & toilet is clear, wipes outer door handle after use. Push button soap & paper towels &wipes, in toilet, with sign to instructing to wash hands after use. Use one toilet only (LH). [Provide information – sign in toilets]

At end of service:

We will allow chat for 15mins or so at 2m spacing. Groups to leave as directed, and spaced out, and do not congregate inside or out. No drinks provided.


Wipe down all door handles, chairs, lectern, hand rails. Sign chairs ‘out of use’ if not to be re-used Sunday evening by same group that used them Sunday morning. Chairs remain out of use for 72 hrs (as fabric and wiping might not be fully effective). Swap out chairs for evening service.

Need to have:

Once: Risk assessment to go on-line. Discuss with congregation / attendees / members what is proposed – seek feedback [at 06 Aug 20, feedback has not raised any problems]. Get a booking system (incl name & phone request – giving = permission – store in PW protected file). [done July]. Run a smaller-number trial first time [done 19th July morning]. As taps have been unused for 4 months, run the taps to defend against legionella [done 11 Jul 20].

Each week: A seating planner person. Seating plan sketch. Hand gel in entrance. Paper towels & push button soap in toilets. Wipes in toilet. Spare face coverings if someone forgets theirs. Signs. Pen & paper. Allocate steward & cleaners. Gloves, aprons, disinfectant & jay-cloths. Bin bags for the small bins.

Steward Job

  • Obtain list of those booked to come.
  • Design and have a copy of the seating plan. It is helpful to place names on seats.
  • Issue ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ emails
  • Be familiar with the system & our rules
  • Arrive 30mins before service
  • Be in entrance hall to co-ordinate & ‘police’ rules.
  • Allow next group in once first is seated.
  • Ask people to wash hands on entry.
  • Leave front door open until all have arrived, then wipe door handles.
  • Refuse entry to non-booked people.
  • Keep list of attendees.
  • If someone wants to go to toilet,
    • check it is vacant and hallway is clear.
    • Point out notice in toilet.
    • Wipe toilet door handles after use.
  • Keep internal hall door open.
  • At the end, ask groups to leave one at a time, allowing previous group to clear the steps
  • Keep 2m away from people.


  • Wear gloves & apron (covering & goggles if heavy contamination with body fluids). Wash hands after removing PPE.
  • Wipe down surfaces with disinfectant solution [2 cap full’s of disinfectant to 3 mugs of water (or 1 : 1.5) with current products]. Wipe: toilets – seats & flush button, sinks, light switches, door handles, grab rails, porch hand rails), chairs that have been used. Label chairs that need quarantine and stack them out of use. Beware of brushes causing a spray.
  • Empty bins.


See separate document

Risk assessment completed by Howard March