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Some more from our children!

6th April 2020

Some entries for the photo challenge from the Goughs, and some models based on Allan’s “Lego challenge” from the Sparrows. Remember to send Allan any… Read More »

Joke of the day

1st April 2020

Here is a record of some recent conversations in our house: Sam: What’s your opinion of this film, Dad?Me: It makes no sense at all.Sam:… Read More »

Photo competition!

31st March 2020

Hello Children! Here is a competition, for you children who like mucking about on computers! Get your entries in by Monday 6th April. The winner… Read More »

Covid Times

28th March 2020

In our time of isolation we’ve been enjoying our allotted exercise outings while Jonah learns to ride his new bike and seeing the baby lambs… Read More »

Joke of the day!

28th March 2020

What do you call a wasp before you kill it?An isp. Benny Lunk, from Stacey Bushes, aged 2 What’s blue and juicy and shouts ‘Help!’… Read More »

Hello Children!

27th March 2020

Hi WEC Kids! Here are the jokes of the day, plus some mazes. Has anyone finished the word search yet? I have found 33 names,… Read More »

Hello Children!

24th March 2020

So now you can’t leave the house more than once! Next thing, Boris Johnson will want all parents to lock their children in their rooms!… Read More »

Hello Children!

23rd March 2020

Hello Children! I hope you are enjoying this time off school. I bet you can’t believe your luck! However, it is important you do your… Read More »