Our Stories

I was born in Liverpool into a family where going to church wasn’t the thing to do. When I was in my early thirties and apparently quite successful, I began to realise that possessions are not all that there is to life. I had a wife, a young family and had a good job but there was no real satisfaction. One day after a conversation with a neighbour, I began to read the Bible and I discovered that I had no satisfaction because I wasn’t right with God. I learnt that I was a sinner whom God had the right to condemn but that instead of just writing me off, God had actually sent His own Son to die on the cross in my place. I soon asked God to forgive my sins and give me a new direction in my life. This He did and I now have the joy and peace of knowing that He is with me at all times.
“I live in Wolverton with my husband, David, and our four children. I went to Sunday School as a child. After one lesson, I learned that if I were to die, I would go to hell. I asked my dad about it and he said that God hated the wrong things I did, but that He loved me and had sent Jesus, His Son, to die and take my punishment for me. I prayed and asked Him to forgive me and make me His forever.”
I grew up in a church-going family, but it was only as a student that I came into contact with real Christians. I was already reading the Bible for myself; I was somehow drawn to its words. God used a very difficult situation in my life to cause me to seek Him. Gradually I came to understand that my sin was a far greater problem than this ongoing ‘trouble’. Over a period of time I heard the message of the Bible explained, and God brought me to trust in Jesus Christ as my own Saviour and Lord. I’ve found God to be faithful to all He says in His word, and it’s a privilege to be involved in the daily life and work of His church.

I am a Filipino, I came to live in England in 2014 when I married John T. We have a boy called Tim. I went to Sunday school in the Philippines when I was about 9 years old and that is where I heard about Jesus and how He came to earth to save sinners. The full realisation of the truth dawned on me when I was 14 years old, I then understood that I am a sinner and that I needed to trust Jesus to save me from my sins. I praise God  that now I am His and He is mine.